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We've been meaning to start a blog on our website for some time & now here it is. Welcome to the Findhorn Bay Soaps blogspot where you will find our assorted ramblings of a soapy, fragrant, skincare related nature....& probably some that aren't.

We love to take pictures of our work, not only for the website but just because we like to & we will include some of these from time to time too.

Please stop by from time to time, there will be special blogspot promotions so why not take advantage of them.

Hope to see you soon. 

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  1. Something that few people outside of the soap, bath & body & cosmetics world are aware of is the vast amount of E.U legislation which governs what can & cannot be used to make a skincare product, what percentages of any given ingredient may or may not be used etc. This legislation goes on to tell producers how to label their products & what they SHOULD be doing if it's not possible to actually stick a label on the product or packaging & that is to have a Point Of Sale label visible beside the product on sale giving a full ingredients list, batch number & producers contact details e.g postal address. 

    This is all a LEGAL requirement, not just a flight of fancy, & applies to ALL who produce skin care products be it for their family & friends or to sell at small scale events, farmers markets, craft fairs or even through huge supermarket chains or bath & body shops on the high street. It's not a task for the feint hearted though & I do feel that some of the regulations are far too much of an imposition. I have included a link to the current directive at the end of todays blog.

    ALL products need to be safety assessed prior to sale. This is done by a cosmetic chemist who may not need to actually see a product but who will need to see the makers recipes & assess them as to their safety & suitability for their proposed purpose. This assessment process costs money, sometimes rather a lot of money & at Findhorn Bay Soaps we hold several cosmetic safety assessments which currently cover all of the products we sell. It took a lot of saving to get these assessments after months & months of research & practising our recipes & products but I am very happy that I can tell all of my customers & curious passers by that we do have them & why we have them. In July 2013 these E.U regulations are changing rather a lot & it will mean that the paperwork we mad alchemists need to do in order to remain compliant with the new law will increase substantially & that many of us will have to either re-assess our recipes or acquire completely new cosmetic safety assessments, all of which is looking to be a rather costly event. Rest assured that we WILL be compliant....& rather broke for a while!

    My personal knowledge of the ingredients we use has grown enormously through the research & experimentation I have carried out over the years & I can explain everything on our labels to our customers. This is something which has proven invaluable time & time again & has secured many a new sale & return customer.
    Whenever I think about creating a new product I spend many hours deciding what I want the product to do, what ingredients I may want to include & why, before I can even think about creating the actual recipe. Several versions are often needed before I am happy that what I have created is ready for the public to use. It's rather a lot of fun being a mad alchemist you know, as well as fairly frustrating when I know I am so close to getting it right!  
    Our home usually smells wonderful & bath time is a great testing time. We often have so many experimental products sat in boxes that we give them to friends to help use them, test them & give us feedback. There is never a lack of willing guinea pigs for new products. It has recently taken me seven different variations of my recipe for Fizzing Bath Creamers before I was happy with the end result which is now on sale on the main website. See here :

    All of this blog has arisen because in the past two days I have come across two very different individuals selling soaps, bath products & natural skin care creams & balms with either a very casual disregard of the E.U legislation or who don't think it applies to them because they are so small scale so it wouldn't be worth the cost. NONE of the products I have seen in the past two days were properly labelled although the lady with the creams & balms did have labels with the ingredients on them they were not in any way compliant with the legislation & didn't include any of the potential allergens found in the essential oils she adds, which must be listed. Her knowledge of the ingredients, however, was great & I'm sure her products are actually excellent for their purpose however she still ought to go through the process of getting them assessed & unfortunately even after a lengthy converstaion with her she still wasn't going to bother with it.
    The other person who was selling glycerine base soaps & bath bombs had NO ingredient information available either on her products or as a point of sale leaflet but was selling her products openly at a local council run farmers market which leaves me wondering if the organiser actually knows of the regulations himself. (I have actually attended one of these markets myself & informed the organiser that I hold all the relevant certification as well as public & product liabilty insurance, so he really should know, especially as it was a specific question on the application form!) 

    It is extremely annoying to come across people who have no regard for the safety of their products or of their customers but who, it seems, are just jumping on the band wagon in an attempt to make a fast buck although I doubt that will be the case. I wonder if they would be so disinterested if someone had a severe reaction to one of their products & sued the pants off them! They really wouldn't have a leg to stand on. 

    For anyone who is interested in seeing what the current E.U legislation regarding Cosmetic products (that includes soaps, creams, balms, bath bombs....ANY skin care product in fact) here's a link to it. It also refers to the new directive coming into being in July 2013.

    Happy reading folks ;)

    Love, light & lather, 

    Sally x



  2. Well it's taken long enough but I have finally managed to create a good working recipe for the mini bath thingamibobs that I've been working on for the last few weeks. I made several batches over the weekend with some good success, my piping skills & speed need to improve but I'm pretty happy with them. So far I have some in Green Fig, Rosebuds (which went a pretty shade of orange not the pink I was aiming for!) Christmas Spice & Japanese Plum. The packaging is sorted so now I need to create the ingredients labels & come up with a good name for them.
    The bottom part fizzes as it dissolves in the bath water & the top part is dispersible so there is no oil slick on the water as it melts. Each mini fizzing bath creamer is decorated with cosmetic glitter, a pretty wee rosebud or paper flower & is enough for one deliciously indulgent, relaxing bath.

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